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Produkty projektu międzynarodowego / Products of our transnational project

Informujemy, że udostępniliśmy produkty wypracowane w ramach projektu partnerskiego Grundtviga "Woman in the modern world". Zapraszamy do zapoznania się z ...

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“16” stycznia 2015r. w Lublinie pierwsze spotkanie w ramach Human Rights and Equality Academy”/ “16th January 2015 in Lublin 1st meeting of Human Rights and Equality Academy”

Szanowni Państwo, serdecznie zapraszamy na pierwsze spotkanie w ramach Human Rights and Equality Academy, które odbędzie się 16.01.2015 r. (piątek) ...

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7th meeting of Equality Academy

Last Thursday, 12th June, Equality Academy held its seventh meeting, which took place at Kawiarnia Kawka, in 9 Okopowa Street, ...

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Zapraszamy na bezpłatne spotkanie dotyczące równych szans kobiet i mężczyzn 12 czerwca (czwartek)

Fundacja „Fundusz Inicjatyw” zaprasza na kolejne spotkanie Equality Academy prowadzone przez wolontariuszki goszczące w fundacji w ramach Wolontariatu Europejskiego (program ...

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Zdjęcia i podsumowanie warsztatu Grundtviga "Creative reading? Why not!" / Photos and summary of Grundtvig Workshop "Creative reading? Why not!"

Serdecznie zapraszamy do obejrzenia zdjęć z warsztatu Grundtviga "Creative reading? Why not!", który odbył się w marcu br. w ...

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6th meeting of Equality Academy

On Monday 12th May, Equality Academy could hold its sixth meeting, which took place at Kawiarnia Kawka, in 9 Okopowa ...

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Grundtvig Workshop

“Initiative Fund” Foundation implements Workshops within the Lifelong Learning Programme, sub-programme Grundtvig.


GRUNDTVIG WORKSHOP “CREATIVE READING? WHY NOT!” took place in Lublin, Poland, 24-28 March 2014.

We hosted 15 participants from different EU countries and 2 participants from Poland.

Take a look at the Summary of our workshop.

Our participants had the opportunity to:
- share experience with representatives of other EU countries in the field of adult education, especially adult literacy in a creative way,
- develop your knowledge and skills as for adult teaching methods with reference to reading skill and comprehension,
- enhance your and your learners’ creativity and creative thinking,
- cultivate the culture of reading,
- spend a unique week in Lublin – the City of Inspiration.


DATES: From 23rd to 29th March 2014 (including 2 days of travel)

LOCATION: Lublin, Poland (get to know more about Lublin)

LANGUAGE: English (min. B1 level – intermediate – Independent user, according to CEFR)

PARTICIPANTS of our workshop were:
- citizens of countries eligible in the Lifelong Learning programme (see the List);
- adults aged 18 or more;
- persons capable of communicating in English at least on an intermediate level (min. B1 level);
- persons working in the field of adult literacy/numeracy as teachers, trainers, educators, managers, directors or other employees (current/former workers or those willing to work in  the field of adult literacy/numeracy).

Our workshop combined creative thinking and “training learner’s brain” techniques with various activities boosting learner’s reading skill and making reading more attractive.
The programme included theoretical component (review of basic concepts concerning adult literacy, adult learners, adult readers, psychology of learning and reading etc.) and practical component (testing various teaching methods and techniques, activation of creativity abilities, making reading more creative and attractive for the learners, stress reduction and concentration strategies, methods to process the information, look for it effectively and analyze etc.). 

For more details, download PROMOTIONAL BOOKLET of our workshop. 

- accommodation in a hotel in the centre of Lublin (single rooms),
- 3 meals (breakfast, lunch/dinner, supper) and coffee breaks during workshop activities each day,
- travel costs reimbursement (costs were reimbursed after participants’ arrival to Poland on the basis of the tickets, boarding passes etc.),
- all materials necessary during the workshop (paper notebooks, pens, didactic aids, etc.).

Anna Jesionek -
Małgorzata Jończyk -  

“Initiative Fund” Foundation (Fundacja „Fundusz Inicjatyw”)
Narutowicza 57/6 Street
20-016 Lublin, Poland

Grundtvig Workshops enable adults to participate in learning events taking place in another European country participating in the Lifelong Learning Programme (LLP). Workshops are funded with support from the European Commission, therefore they are free of charge for the participants (all the costs are covered by the workshop organizers).

Since 2013, the Workshop Action provides training to Adult Education staff working on literacy issues exclusively. The objectives are to give present and future teachers and staff  the opportunity to gain a better understanding of the European dimension in teaching adults with literacy problems, to enhance their knowledge of other European countries' education systems and their provision of adult literacy and to improve the specific skills  they require to teach literacy skills to adults.

To know more about Grundtvig Workshops, visit:

Grundtvig Workshops Fiche

Grundtvig Workshop Catalogue (reference number: 2013-1-PL1-GRU13-38913)

- Polish National Agency website

- EC DG Education and Training website

To know more about adult literacy, visit:

Final report of the High-Level-Group on Literacy

Summary of the Literacy High Level Group report

Commissioner Vassiliou’s “Europe loves reading” campaign

Study on Teaching Reading in Europe

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.



"Creative Christmas"

Between December 3-9th „Initiative Fund” Foundation hosted 15 seniors from seven countries: Spain, the Netherlands, Norway, Great Britan, Ireland, Slovenia and Portugal. They all together with two persons from Poland.

During the workshop our participants had opportunity to:
- get to know persons of the same age from different parts of Europe,
- share information and experience connected with Christmas traditions,
- become familiar with the art of creating Christmas decorations using a variety of handicraft techniques;
- develop their creativity and creative thinking skills.

Within the workshop, in addition to 40 didactic hours devoted to creativity and handicrafts, the participants visited Lublin and Open Air Village Museum.

See Summary of "Creative Christmas Workshop"



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